Making the Casino Party Food a Dessert Affair

Most people when they are going to spend a few hours at a casino don’t like to feel uncomfortable as a result of eating a big meal. If you are going to get together with a few friends to spend some time at the casino, perhaps you would like to double the fun of your evening by inviting everyone back to your home for some dessert casino party food.

Here are a few suggestions and many of them you can make ahead of time, so you just have to serve them when you arrive back home.

Whoopie Pies

No, you don’t have to go to the trouble of baking pies for this dessert. Just pick up a bag of some soft cookies. You may want to get some different flavours, so you have something to suit everyone. You want the cookies to be of good size. Then you will also need some cream cheese. You may also want to find some different flavours, but keep them light and on the sweet side.

Next, you want to beat some cream cheese and a little butter together, so it is nice and creamy. Then you create layers of cookies that have a good amount of cream cheese added on their top. You will find that four layers of cookies should be enough.

Strawberry Coolie

If you want to go with something a little lighter, just cut up some strawberries in individual dessert cups and sprinkle lightly with sugar. Let these sit in the fridge for a few hours. Mix equal parts of yogurt and whip cream together and beat until soft peaks form. Top the strawberries with this and sprinkle with some chopped nuts.

If you really want to make the dessert casino party food extra special then have your local baker create a casino themed cake and just serve this with some ice cream.