Make Pizza the Ultimate Casino Party Food

One of the greatest adventures that people can enjoy is getting together for a night of fun and excitement to enjoy some casino activity. There are two great ways to do this. One is for everyone to gather at one house and either leave from there to visit a local casino. The other is to get everyone to bring their mobile devices with a plan for the whole group to enjoy some online casino fun. Either way, you are going to want to make sure there is some casino party food around.

One of the easiest types of food to serve a group is pizza. The problem is when you have a group, everyone likes something different. There is a solution for this and for casino party food, you can have a “make your own pizza” dinner. This can be quick and easy because you will want to get going with your casino related activities as quickly as possible.

Step One

Cut up all the condiments that people like to put on their pizza. You will want a selection of:

  • meats such as ham, sausage slices, and pepperoni
  • mushrooms ( sliced and cooked)
  • different cheeses
  • pineapple
  • green or red peppers

You will also want some homemade pizza sauce or some store bought ones.

Step Two

Toast some individual flatbreads.

Step Three

Let each of your guests take a flatbread and cover it with some pizza sauce. Then they can put on their favourite toppings. When everyone has theirs ready, you can put them all on a tray and pop them under the broiler until they begin to brown and bubble.

Not only is this quick and easy, its also a lot of fun and you won’t end up with a lot of leftover pizza as you often do when ordering it the traditional way. There is no time wasted and you and your party can start enjoying your casino activities in no time at all.