Intriguing Finger Foods for Casino Party Food

It is not unusual for a group of friends to get together so they can go and spend an evening out enjoying different forms of entertainment together. One such activity is to visit the local casino in a group. It makes this event all the more fun.

To make it a perfect evening and not to waste too much time, why not feed your guests a light meal before visiting the casino. Most often, everyone will be too excited to eat a big meal, so a light casino party food will be more ideal.

Here are some suggestions for finger food that would be perfect as casino party food:

Cheese Balls

Instead of just cutting up different types of cheese, try getting some cheese that you can form into a ball. Then roll these cheese balls in different kinds of condiments like crumbled bacon, spices, or leafy greens that have been cut up small.


These are quick and easy to make. Buy a baguette and slice it into fairly thick pieces. Now cut up a tomato and let it soak in some Italian salad dressing for about ten minutes. Then lightly butter the baguettes and sprinkle it lightly with garlic powder. Top these with the tomatoes making sure that you squeeze out most of the dressing before you top the baguettes, otherwise, they will be too soggy. Next, top the tomatoes with some feta or goat cheese and sprinkle some parmesan on top of this. Put under the broiler in the oven until you see them begin to brown and the tomatoes begin to bubble.

A variety of dips

A good selection of dips along with some raw cut up veggies will make the casino party food offering complete.

Once this delightful meal has been served and enjoyed, everyone can head out for an evening of casino fun.