Casino Party Food and a Great Barbecue

Nowadays, it’s possible to have a barbecue at any time of the year. So the next time you are in charge of the casino party food, think about making it a barbecue. Keep in mind though that when people are enjoying their casino games, they don’t want to feel uncomfortable because they have overeaten. So, this means you are going to have to plan your casino party food, which is the barbecue, wisely.

You may have a tendency to go with the hot dogs and hamburgers because everyone seems to like this food and it’s easy to make. It can also mean that some guests might overeat. You can still serve a version of this food and keep it lighter.

Try making shishkabobs with Weiner pieces that are separated by different types of veggies like eggplant, peppers, and onion. This way, you are eliminating the bun which tends to make people feel overly full.

For the hamburgers, instead of going with the big quarter pounders, try making sliders. These are mini versions of the standard hamburger. They taste just as good and all the same condiments can be used on them. You can buy these pre-made including the slider buns. Being as these are smaller, you may want to serve a Caesar salad with them.

Once the casino party food has been consumed, you are all ready to head out to the casino. However, a great alternative to this would be to have your guests bring their mobile devices to your home. Then after eating to your heart, you could all log onto an online casino and join in the same poker game. This way nobody has to travel to the casino and you all get to enjoy the same casino games together. This is a great way of tapping into some exciting casino play.