Casino Birthday Party and the Party Food

There are all different kinds of birthday parties and some of these events are more special than others. For example, when a young person turns twenty-one, this makes it an extra special occasion.

A great way to celebrate this would be to have a casino birthday party. In most cases, to play at an on land casino and many of the online casinos, an individual has to be nineteen years or older. Perhaps the birthday guy/girl turning 21, as of yet, has not had a casino experience.

You could begin the party at your residence where everyone can gather. Then a light meal of party foods could be served. For this type of party, you will want something where there is not going to be a lot of food cleanup involved later, so you could serve a selection of fancy sandwiches such as:

Double Layer Sandwiches

These are easy and fun to make and they can easily be made in advance. Take one slice of white bread and butter it, and layer it with a good choice of deli meat. Top it with a slice of buttered brown bread placing the buttered side up. Then place another layer of meat or cheese this time if you prefer. Butter another piece of white bread and place the buttered side down on the top layer. Now cut the sandwich in four. If necessary, you can place a long fancy toothpick in the centre of each of the sandwiches to hold them together.

You can add different types of small finger foods to go with the sandwiches such as a variety of cheeses and different pickles.

Then for the dessert, there will be the birthday cake. Which you may want to have made in a casino theme to go with the theme of the party. Then finish off with the gift opening.

Now, it’s time for your party group to head off to your local Casino to enjoy the rest of the evening with some casino fun and excitement.